We provide multiple types of collagen products. Please select the optimum product for your experimental use (see Figure 1). Typical culture methods using collagen are as follows.

Collagen gel embedded culture (3D culture)

This is a method for three-dimensional cell culture in a collagen gel. In 3D culture, cells can be cultured in an environment extremely similar to the natural in vivo conditions.

Recommended product:
Cellmatrix Type Ⅰ-A

Cellmatrix Type I-A is a collagen product with an optimized gelation rate and transparency for 3-dimensional culture. It can quickly form a gel before the cells sink to the bottom of the culture dish. In addition, the gel is highly transparent, allowing easy observation of the cells embedded in the collagen gel (Fig. 2).


Comparison of transparency

Collagen on-gel culture

This method involves cell culture on a collagen gel. Culturing cells on a collagen gel mimics an environment similar to the living body.

Recommended product: Cellmatrix Type I-A and Type I-P

Collagen coating culture

In this method, cells are cultured on substrates coated with collagen molecules to improve cell adhesion and activation of intracellular signals by contact with collagen molecules.

Recommended product: Cellmatrix Type I-C and Type I-P

How to choose according to your application


Each Cellmatrix product has a different gelling ability and viscosity. For culturing on a collagen gel, please use products with high gelation ability. Products with lower viscosity are suitable for coating culture because they are easier to handle. Please refer to the summarized table below.

Cellmatrix Type III and Type IV do not form a gel by themselves. However, they can be used to form a gel and carry out collagen gel culture by mixing them with Cellmatrix Type I-A. Stable gels can be formed if the ratio of Cellmatrix Type I-A is 40% or more.

Cellmatrix Gelling ability Coating
Type Ⅰ-A Very good Good
Type Ⅰ-P Good Good
Type Ⅰ-C Not good Very good
Type Ⅲ Not good Very good
Type Ⅳ Very good
For Research Use Only
The above products are sold for research purpose only. Regardless of purposes, such as production of drugs, product quality control, various diagnostic test, medical treatment, or other researches, do not use products for human body.