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Business Activities

Collagen Material Business

In the Collagen Material business, we manufacture and sell gelatin, collagen peptide, collagen casing, collagen and other products made from animal bones and skin or fish scales and skin.

Collagen is the most common type of protein found in animals, representing around 30% of whole protein in animals. Notably, collagen is the primary component of connecting tissue, such as skin, bones, cartilage and tendons. Within the living body, the collagen molecule has a regularly-structured triple helix structure and is insoluble in water. On the other hand, when collagen is heated for extended periods of time, the triple helix molecular structure unfolds at a certain temperature, and the collagen dissolves in warm water. Collagen that is denaturated with heat and becomes soluble in water is referred to as “gelatin”.

Gelatin has the ability to solidify into jelly. The gelling property is one of gelatin's most important characteristics. Collagen peptide is gelatin that has been fragmented into smaller peptide chains by enzymatic hydrolysis. The defining property of collagen peptide is that it does not have gelling properties. Gelatin and collagen peptide are almost identical to collagen, their parent substance, in terms of their chemical composition.

Gelatin Business

Besides its gelling ability, gelatin has a variety of functions such as water-binding, foaming, film-forming, glossing, texturizing, thickening and adhesion. For this reason, gelatin has a range of applications, from food to pharmaceuticals and photosensitized materials. In the gelatin business, we manufacture and sell gelatin for applications in such industrial sectors.

Peptide Business

In the peptide business, we manufacture and sell collagen peptide, a lower molecular form of gelatin that has been hydrolyzed by enzymatic digestion. Collagen peptide has been found to have the ability to activate biological functions and regulate bodily functions. As such, collagen peptide is actively used in dietary supplements and health food that provide health benefits related to the skin, bones and joints.

Casing Business

In the casing business, we manufacture and sell edible collagen casings. Collagen casings are tubular materials that are filled with meat in the sausage production process. Collagen casings are marketed to the livestock and meat industry as an alternative to natural casings such as sheep and pig intestines.

Life Science Business

Collagen is extracted and refined from animal skin and tendons using acid or enzymes, while preserving its triple-helix molecular structure. Collagen is a good biocompatible material. Therefore collagen is used as a biomaterial for artificial skins and bones, which promote self-regeneration and restoration of human tissue in regenerative medicine. Collagen for all of these applications is marketed to medical device manufacturers and university research institutes. We have also developed a highly refined medical gelatin as a biomaterial to induce self-repair and regeneration of human tissue in tissue engineering. This gelatin is marketed to medical device manufacturers and other entities that are pursuing research into the commercialization of this technology.

Formula Solution Business

In the Formula Solution business, we manufacture and sell high value-added preparations through formulation technologies for a variety of materials. Our goal is to provide product proposals and applications demanded by customers as we assist them to solve their issues.

Food Material Business

In the food material business, we sell various food formulations, such as gelling agents and stabilizers for ham. Gelling agents are food formulations consisting of plant-based polysaccharides such as carrageenan, agar, pectin, and natural gum, as well as gelatin and collagen peptide, and are used for jelly and desserts, dairy products, such as frozen food. Stabilizers for ham consist of plant-based polysaccharides such as carrageenan and natural gum, and animal-based materials such collagen-derived proteins. We also manufacture and sell consumer products such as collagen beverages, food and cosmetics.

Adhesives Business

In the adhesives business, we supply various type of hot-melt adhesives and animal glue adhesives. The biggest advantage of hot-melt adhesives is a high-speed adhesion property, which is applied heat and solidify when cooled. Accordingly, hot-melt adhesives are used widely not only in packaging applications, but also in the hygienic goods, bookbinding, construction and woodwork, electrical, housing and other sectors. Moreover, animal glue adhesives are marketed mainly to the paper processing, such as the bookbinding. In other areas, the high-performance gaskets hardened with ultraviolet exposure are used as a sealant for such as electronics, home appliances.